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Hague Justice Week 2023

Hague Justice Week

Being part of the Hague Justice Week 2023 communication team, Maaki designed the website and the banners. While keeping the website up to date, she executes the promotion campaign on social media. Ramaz Melashvilli is signed in for the livestream, photos and the interviews.

… check out the website of the Hague Justice Week.

Logo and website for KOG

This collective of reformers and clinically trained professionals stimulate the qualitative movement in Duch mental health care right now.

Check out more about our fruitful collaboration.

Digital user experience - Maaki Production
YouthCityHall - Ecomodernism or system change?

And the award goes to …

Maaki Production and WeltCenter in Helsinki
to accept the movie award for Youth City Hall.
Read more about it on the official movie page

Nightlight movie premiere

Colour correction, special effects and deliveries for the experimental documentary.

Years long warm collaboration with Barbara Meter, a bastion of Dutch experimental cinema, brought us another project with its technical challenges. Barbara’s approach is out of the box, she is a fluid sailor between all the digital nonsense and a true image maker to be inspired by. Read more about this collaboration

Technical support for video projects. Films by Barbara Meter